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Workers at www.Unbeatablechems.com have been working in the research chemical world for over 8 years.

First thing you should and want to know is quality control....

All items are tested before they go out to the open market. We only deal with the BEST powders and don't go looking for the CHEAPER suppliers to save a few $$.

All bottles come with batch numbers to ensure quality if the researcher has any issues.

We will carry at about 5 to 10 products at the most. Yes we could get TONS of research products BUT we like to keep it small so we take our time to ensure ( again ) quality and FAST shipping. No one likes to way weeks for they research needs.

All vials coming with droppers. Yes you can use the but we suggest getting a syringe to enough the right dose for your research.

Any question about shipping, products in stock and so on, feel free to email us. PLEASE remember! If you email us about use of these research items. You will be banned from purchasing from our site. ALL ITEMS ARE FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY!



UnBeatableChem Team!